My dogs - Past

 Dunfionn Jade Evie.  This lady was bought when a friend's litter didn't survive and was by then re hooked on this breed and knew what I wanted.  After 2 trips to Scotland home came this bundle of balck and tan, my first gordon from a puppy, and as I dog sat at the time she came everywhere with me, and as a youngster when she couldn't come with me lived with Paulyne and Alan in Essex. She was the prefect setter as would settle in no matter where she was as long as was loved, fed, watered, and walked.  So easy.

After 2 false attempts to get her in whelp in Scotland she finially conceived to Henry - aka - Bryerdale Hi Jacker of Palangor, a lovely 11 year old belonging to Paulyne and Alan.  She produced 4 males and one girl.

Soon after she had had her litter and was back in shape had a phone call from a lovely couple who wanted a older dog not a puppy, so invited them over and home went Evie, thanks James and Katie for giving her a lovely home.

She goes with James when he rings wild birds and is now settled into family life as Kate unexpectedly got pregnant and they now have a lovely little boy, Evie is being good, see photos