My Dogs  -  Past

Freya at Ichbin (Swe Imp) Freya-  Sire SATCHMO x Dam Nor. Ch. Ichbin Rhiengold.  Breeder M Forss in Sweden. BVA/KC hip score 2/3 BVA/KC elbow score 0/1 BVA/KC eye tested clear 3 times.

When I exported Ester, her mum, to Sweden little did I think I would have a wonderful and much loved daughter come back here.

Thanks very much to all mentioned below you know what you did to get me this exceptional soulmate. Maria Forss, Jenny & Pete Moore and Jo Banks.

Very rarely such a character enters your life, even if for a short time, that they make such an impact that  everything changes, but when they do, and you've picked yourself up, you can only go forward.... definitely what has happened here.  Freya produced me 3 stunning litters. She loved to swim and work and was highly trained thanks to Maria's son in Sweden.  I lost Freya on the 21st of May 2007.  12 months + on I find it so painful to explain how I lost her, but think she deserves it, so her soul can rest in peace.  I decided to have her spayed on the  2nd May 2007, home for a few days, then she started  projectile vomiting - straight to vets where they kept her in for 24 hours, home again for 24 hours, then it started again, back to vets and there they found she was alergic to the internal stitches. She stayed for another 12 days undergoing 3 major operations to try and save her....  despite the valiant efforts of all the vets team, her body  gave up the fight............................................

Freya you left me and the dogs in pieces!  I hope you and your spirit guide Cherie are running free in the Scandinavian landscape.  Your legacy lives on in your grandson Stoli.

 Photo by Jo Banks