Gorsebank Princess Scilla doing a down stay.



After searching for over a year I bought my first Large Munsterlander, Gorsebank Princess Scilla - Kalli, back in 1988. As I did obedience and agility I was after a L.M. to emulate Bedowna Bliss's success in the obedience ring.  I had been used to mad crossbreeds and soon flattened this sensitive young bitch!





By spring 1989 I wanted a male. So when Sh Ch Gorsebank Lady Annigrette had 12 pups, including 5 males, to Sh Ch Jemas Talent, I was DELIGHTED.  Storm - the love of my life still - was named before I'd met him. At 5 weeks we went along and took photos of all 5. The only one I wasn't having was "freckled legs", but - you guessed it - at 8 weeks, home he came.  The best decision I ever made.  Thanks Liz for my 3 very special but different Gorsebanks.





Little did I know, when a lady at training said "Do some breed shows to liven her up", I would get hooked! But, no, her first show was not a success, in fact she peed on the judge's shoe; and, no, she was never a big winner. Maybe down to the handler - who knows?!

Foundation bitch
Storm and pups welcoming you in!