Gorsebank Dame Greta Von Ichbin (Zaya) 1CC 2RCCs



In October 1990 Lottie - Gorsebank Countess Anna produced 6 girls, so Zaya was born. My friend, Liz (her breeder) picked her for me. A true character from the first time I saw her. Loved life, loved people. She's the foundation bitch of the Ichbin line. In the show ring her "hit or miss" attitude cost her (in my opinion) her Show Champion's title. Zaya went on to gain 1CC and 2RCCs, all after her 4th birthday, and being Mum to two large litters. Zaya's loves in life were swimming and being a mum.





Zaya's second partner was my Storm, and they produced nine lovely puppies. Two of these have been bred from, Ichbin Gretchan and Ichbin Gretel. See the G Litter for details.


A hard act to follow for any bitch staying here as

was the boss from day one over the others, very

much tuned into life.  Taught me a lot, she never did anything at slow pace, with Zaya it was the fast lane

all the way...................


Taken from us much too young but will be  





Foundation Bitch

Zaya was first mated to Alfie - Sh Ch Gorsebank Lord Magnum in 1992. They producd, from a litter of 9, the following pair of Show Champions -

Sh Ch Ichbin Modesty and Sh Ch Ichbin Marauder.

See the M Litter for details.