My dogs - past

 Celtaur Samhuinn - Latis, now Lexi

I went up to Scotland to see this litter and kept picking up her brother, now Chevy, but knew I wanted a bitch so her breeder and I went over the girls and it was between 2, Pagan stayed and Latis came home 2 weeks later when friends went up to pick their own puppy. She fitted in here very well and got on famously with her half sister Sona and the rest of the crowd.

She was meant to be a show girl, but as she got near to 6 mnths her easy laid back manner meant she loved people, dogs etc but had no sparkle for the ring.

This is her new pal Storm.

At 9 months old, a lady who has had Gordons for years was over looking as had lost her last one and couldn't live without one, so Latis went home with Toni and became Lexi, she now lives with a young male called Storm. 

Thanks to Toni for giving this lovely laid back girl a home. The photo of her stood shows her as a year old out on her walk.