My dogs - past

 Fluich Spring Shaman Tarot, is a  laid back gentle soul, just like his mum and dad, he was meant to be shown but a pregnant Gracie accidentially landed on his leg when it was at an angle and bless him he had to spend 3 months with no exercise as he had damaged his elbow.

 He was wonderful as he accepted the cage rest, and I am glad to say made a full recovery but by his laid back nature doesn't like being shown at all, braved it twice, getting Best Puppy at one, and then hanging up his show lead in favour of playing with the girls.

He is bullied by his kids especially his daugther and when a couple were desparate for a male decided to let him go, he is now sharing a fireplace and humans with one other dog and 2 cats.  He had a lovely Christmas present as his owners were able to take him earlier than they thought and spent the festive season 2008 in his new home.

He had his hips done at a year old, and also had his manhood removed, wasn't risking more pups with having a house full of entire females, both Munster and Gordon!!  Plus his hip score was just above the breed average coming back at 29.

He was the bottom of the pack and Sona kept him there and was totally shocked when she led him up the garden path at 10 months old, had to be him as had no other male here, he obviously "obliged", although nobody saw them!!!!!